The AK-47 is an assault rifle unlocked at rank 1 (the rank every player starts with) and is used only by the Zombies team. The Noobs is the M16. The AK-47 is highly accurate, has a high [unrealistic] firerate and damage. For its rank, it is a very reliable weapon in combat. It also is one of the few weapons that has the ability to equip attachments on it, giving it the potential to have better performance then other assault rifles that are unlocked at a high rank.


The war started a week ago and the Zombie King needed to give some weapons to the millions of his zombies all the wanted was that weapon to be cheap, powerful, accurate, and has a high magazine count. When the Zombies were about to destroy Russia they found a right firearm that the Zombie King wanted for his warriors, the AK-47. They took it from the country once their raid ended in the destruction of Russia. They took it to the Underground to the Chaotic Zombies to test it. they said, "It's pretty powerful, probably the Zombie King will like it." And he really liked it. It was cheap to manufacture, it was accurate and it had virtually fatal results. The Zombie King decided to manufacture millions of copies and he mostly gives it to the newly recruited warriors and medium ranked people.


  • This weapon can be very deadly if aimed with almost flawless aim.
  • DO NOT underestimate this. It can have fatal results if used in the right hands.
  • This weapon does not have a lot of reserve ammunition so use your rounds sparingly.

If anyone else has some Tips then add it in Thank you.


  • First Russian weapon we see when we join for the first time.
  • One of the oldest weapons in the game.
  • It is the only firearm the warrior uses.
  • First assault rifle unlocked game along with the M16.
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