Bitty Grass is one of the few Arena maps where you are only able to use your  sword against the other Team. Both teams start off with 35 lives, and must fight between large mountain-like structures. Both spawns have spawn protection, so no spawn camping can happen and both spawns have three ways to leave from. After one team is out of lives the spawn shield goes down and other team is able to go inside of the other teams spawn. Melee weapons besides swords, such as Brawl, are not allowed in this mode.


Bitty Grass is a pit in the mountainous regions where battlefronts such as Glamorous Earth are located. Bitty Grass is not a battlefront, but a place where Zombie and Noob criminals and traitors are thrown into as punishment. They are given a sword and are doomed to fight to the death until the moment they die. There was a group of zombies that managed to escape to a cave in a warzone but were dicovered and killed.

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