Chaotic Zombie

Foundation: The first Chaotic Zombie came to be when the Zombie King banished one of his honored units down into the deep depths of the Earth, for eternal punishment. For a long time, this banished zombie was able to adapt the intense heat environment, allowing its body to harshly evolve and even was able to adapt and absorb some of the Earth's Core to gain tremendous power. Overtime when more and more zombie units became banished, he would take them in and become the supreme ruler of those who were banished, labeling them as the Chaotic Zombies, and making himself the Red Zombie King. Most call him the Devil; not for religious purposes, but for the frightening reputation for his cruel, brutal, and unfair ruler-ship.

Modern Reputation: The Chaotic Zombies are commonly feared to the same degree as the Guests. Their unusual somewhat demonic-themed technology and savage, brute genetic makeup makes them truly terrifying. They're known for torturing their victims if they are able to keep them alive, and mainly focus on outnumbering and overwhelming. Even if they're naturally brutish, they do not enjoy war.  

Appearance: Their skin is normally red or orange, They always have an evil grin on their faces and are known to be on fire even. They usually don't wear clothing. The reason why is either their clothing will just burn up or they like flexing on noobs.  

Technology: The Chaotic Zombies are capable of developing very lethal weaponry, such as the Chaotic's Venom, a rifle capable of burning through noobs within seconds. Even their sidearms are explosive, being very useful for heavy destruction.  

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