Cold Quarry is a map that is kind of flat with a quarry in the middle, houses in front the noob's base, and large crystals around the map. The bases are quite large, and have a sniping point at the top that can see most of the map. Snipers and middle ranged weapons are effective, but close range ones or not so shotguns aren't recommended unless your zombies and make it to the houses in front the noob base.


The cold quarry was just a normal town that used resources mined from a quarry to generate money. When the cryo-reacter incident happened at The Cold Warfare this town was nearby and was frozen. However, the crystals at the area were transformed by the blast of bose-enstein condensate( 5th form of matter), and somehow began to produce it in their center, the weapons these crystals could make would be devistating, so both noobs and zombies attempted to mine them. Whoever wins this battle will gain a massive asset, so troops are constantly deployed

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