The Condemner is an NPC which has a trench shotgun as its weapon. Don't let the face or sound effects of this zombie fool you. The condemner is armed with a trench shotgun which can be deadly if an enemy is in close range! If you keep your distance, you should be safe.

Special Ability: The Condemner replaces his Trench Shotgun with a Spas-12

Special Ability: When killed The Condemner starts to laugh and wildy throwing Grenades before dying.


As Ally

  • Hire if the enemy is hiring lots of melee units

As Enemy

  • Avoid charging at it


  • 1st Shotgun unit
  • 1st unit to change its weapon as its special ability
    • The Dual Gunner/Dual Lugger doesn't count because it dual wields
    • His name is a play on one of his special abilities as he tries to Condemn you with the grenades he throws before he dies.

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