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During the gamemode and map Dedicational Defense, the Noobs had to defend the "Holy core" from the Zombies trying to destroy it. The Zombie forces the Noobs face are under the command of General Colossal, a merciless and brutal Zombie that has a burning passion to eradicate all Noobs. The Noobs must bravely defend the Holy core as 15 waves of "brain-hungry" Zombies close in, and then finally face Colossal himself as a final boss.

Rewards Of Every Badge:

Wave Reward Alias
3 USP Both
6 (N) Dual python (Z) Dual Deagle Both
12 (N) Mad Noob Shotgun (Z) Zombie Shotgun Both
15 Colossal hair, Colossal Hero Both


  • Unfortunately, Dedication Defense was removed. This means that new Players will not be able to earn the rewards that the gamemode offered.
  • Was the the first "wave defense" gamemode.
  • It has been confirmed that new modes like this will be released, such as Liberty's Promise.
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