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A small map with some debris to take cover behind


Before the Humans were Vanquished by the Zombies and noobs and forced into hiding, they created a small base known as fortify dashes. Despite it being a small base, an artefact that the humans created was placed on top of it, while rumors have been said that it can end the world, these were disregarded as stories told to children to scare them for their misbehavior. However, both Zombie and noob kingdoms found an incredibly strong power flowing from this base. Which in turn caused both armies to create a base at either side and use the base‘s immense power for their own war effort, but first, they needed to win the battle.


  • Use the barricades to your advantage
    • Note they can be destroyed
  • The glass is just low enough for Recon to headshot
    • The glass must be broken first
  • Shoot the object on top of the building in the middle
    • By doing that, it creates shockwaves that kill enemies however have no effect on the team that broke its barriers.


  • 1st Map
  • Smallest map
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