Foundation: The Guests are an interesting species, produced on the Moon, and uses both sides of the moon for its an advantage. It's king, ROBLOX, who was born directly on the moon after a meteor collided with the moon to form its a powerful being. Soon later, creating Guests and taxing them to create a flourishing economy and using the resources under the moon to create powerful and unimaginable technology such as UFOs, Laser Weaponry, and more. The Guest's biological structure is actually that each cell works of its own accord, but responds to the nerves of the guests connected to the brain.

Modern Reputation: Once thought to not talk and were just recolored noobs, The Guests are commonly feared to the same degree as the Chaotic Zombies. Their advanced sharp technology and genetic buildup make them truly frightening, but they enjoy peace much more than war. They're very generous towards one another and chat lightly. They are also known to occasionally probe other species. Trickler discovered a drug they used called R15 to increase their muscle mass. The side effects of the drug swelling the brain is bypassed because they have no blood flow, allowing them to control the areas R15 takes effect in.

Appearance: They are very pale and normally wear black. Almost always has an emotionless smile and is the same height as an average noob or zombie. Very rarely would you see them naked or in outdated guest armor when they are desperate to stay cold, or when no other armor can be used?

Technology: Having access to the Moon's resources, Guests are capable of creating large spaceships, ion cannon technology and even a rifle as deadly as the Chaotic's Venom. Others include glowing capes they use when they enter the battlefield.

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