Homeland is a large map with varying terrain and Jeeps. This is also the one of the only maps with different tactical advantages for different teams. the Maps middle is divided in half, one side empty, and the other side with houses you can enter. If your a noob, you can hide in the buildings near the zombie spawn to snipe them, or use them as cover and shotgun zombies that come through. If your a zombie, you can hide on a hill and snipe the noobs or use the barracades to hide and shotgun them. Lightning strikes also happen after a while, and getting hit by one awards you with the Struck Down badge.The maps diversity promotes all classes, even Demolition is useful because you can blow up Jeeps


Homeland is the first place the noobs, zombies, and humans fought. For a very small amount of time, the noobs were originally friendly towards humans. This area was the place noobs were first made in a secret lab. One day, a group of drunk humans accidently killed a noob by breaking a bottle over the noob's head. The noobs share a slight hive-mind that allows them to sense when one of their kind is hurt or killed. This called noobs to consider all humans a threat, and all out war was created. The noobs while trying to make a bio-weapon, invented the zombie parasite that took over human hosts. In response, the noobs unleashed the Cakeo, which forced them to take a humanoid form to avoid being devoured. However, the human population in that area was already destroyed. The battle rages on for the homeland of the noobs and zombies.

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