Attention: Due to the lack of updates to NVZ:R, It is unlikely that this Map/Gamemode will see the light of day. - DravenLangRawr, (Wiki Admin)

Fighting for your life is Liberty's Promise: deaths and nightmares are seen everywhere, and evacuation is needed to escape all. - Main Quote.

As an In-Development map, this map will include the unique Infectionist game mode.


It is known that two new Badges will be given for this map, one being given for rescuing the Civilians, and the other for killing ?????? (The original Creator of the Injector who shortly went mad) thus granting the player the "Mutant Hero". This map is speculated to be similar to Dedicational Defense where, instead of defending against the Zombies, you defend against Hordes upon Hordes of Mutants instead.Liberty s Promise Thumbnail

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