The second lowest ranked (One above the near useless sworders) these units aren't built to last. Completely barren in both armour and equipment, their only benefit is their trusty luger. Despite this, they are often quick to die. Their main benefit is decent damage output with the luger, and above average accuracy, as well as low ammo consumption rate. You should revive them instead of sworders if they're bleeding out next to each other.


The lugger is commonplace in the zombie army. As soon as they discovered their luger's, these units were rolled out in droves. Recieving little to no training, they were completely and utterly useless with their pistols. However, they ran by 1 moral principle, if one dies, 5 are more then able to replace them.


  • Luggers are cheap, making it easy to make a miniature army with them


  • Cheapest ranged unit
  • Weakest ranged unit
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