The M16 is the default assault rifle used on the Noobs team.


Ingame lore

During a medium scale conflict over an unidentified arms factory, a crack team of guerrilla noobs snuck into the factory vault. At this point, the inhabiting zombies were searching for the said vault, and after a puff of a blowtorch, the vault was open. Inside the said vault, multiple arrays of these M16's were discovered. Upon closer inspection, they were a lot longer than other weapons of its time, (most weapons around were semi-automatic pistols or rifles.) After radioing back to base, they began a siege from the inside. The full-auto nature was far superior to the semi-automatic pistols, and the zombies were quickly forced out.

The zombies took note, and soon after in the cold depths of long-forgotten Russia, the AK-47 was discovered.

Real life history

Eugene Morrison Stoner, took a idea from army general Willard G. Wyman to make a gun that could pierce through a US bulletproof helmet from 500 yards (460 meters) and still have the velocity to be supersonic (faster than the speed of sound) Eugene replied to this idea with a scaled down version of the AR-10 called the AR-15. In the late 1950's Eugene was completing his work on the AR-15. It took 22. caliber bullets which destabilized (not completely being stable) if the bullet hit the human body. The small caliber also meant less recoil. However it was criticized the inaccuracy it had at longer ranges. So later it turned into the M16.


The M16 focuses on accuracy and damage like the Galil/RPD. While on one hand it can be used for the median of medium and long range, it also has virtually indigenous performance at close range. The M16 is best used at medium ranges as the 95% accuracy will be somewhat near 100% or more. However the M16 cannot be customized but realistically it can. While having 4 mags in reserve (small in terms of other automatic firearms) it does a good job at extreme ranges. But like the MG4 it suffers from issues relating to having a "suppressive fire" issue at extreme ranges.


  • Indigenous performance at long ranges.
  • Very accurate.
  • Moderate damage.


  • Relatively low damage.
  • Has a "suppressive fire" issue at extreme ranges.


The M16 is a good rifle for newer players of NVZ:R. While being an average rifle, it does have a unbalanced accuracy and damage ratio. Final verdict? The performance depends on your aim and playstyle.


  • The version that the M16 is based on, the original M16 was criticized for jamming.
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