Mutants are the violent NPCs that have a variety of behaviors and effects. Think of them as your own NPCs, but way better.

How to make a Mutant:

Mutants are created by using the Injector. The Injector can be obtained either by being a Pre-Alpha Tester, renting it from the takeo farm, or buying it for 750 robux. The Injector is the only way to make mutants outside of Infectionist Gas, which needs the Injector to use, and other mutants that turn people into mutants. To use the Injector, the user must inject a revivable enemy; the enemy will start coughing, and then turn into a mutant. The can also pierce through shields and armors, and can even be used when the enemy is fully vital.

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Common Mutants


The weakest of the bunch. You will recognize them by their missing legs. Crawler punch nearby players and do a bit of damage while doing so. Most melees are unable to hit them.

Mutation Process: The Injected would growl, then fling its legs off (It may move quickly when its done with mutation).



Puncher Mutants can be spotted by their specially shaped arm. Their arm is used to punch enemies, knocking them back and doing some damage. They can take more punishment than the Crawlers.

Mutation process: The Injected would get up, and then one of their arms would fling off and be replaced by a larger, mutated one.

Two-Headed Mutants

Two-Headed Mutants are one of the few mutants that can create other mutants. They obviously have two heads. When they get close enough, they will bite the enemy, turning them into a mutant. Less health than Puncher, but a much more useful effect.

Mutation process: The Injected would get up and grow a new head on the back of its original head.


Rare Mutants

Explosive Mutant

The Explosive Mutant is one of the few mutants that is specially assigned to cause a massive explosion

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upon death. The power-factor of the explosion depends on the health of the mutant before its stomach explodes. The less health it has on the explosion, the more infection traits it loses on the explosion. On the highest health, it can turn enemies caught in the explosion into mutants and can leave acid pools for enemies who walk over it and take enough damage to turn into mutants too. It has a higher chance turning mutants into stalkers than other mutant do when infecting.

Mutation process: The Injected's stomach will appear small then grow and swell. This makes them bend backwards. After a while they finish mutating.


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One of the ranged mutants, it can give concussions from far away. It also can turn an enemy NPC into a Mind-Crapped Traitor. It will give a concussion to players but can't control them. A rare mutant with very low health.

Mutation process: The Injected would try to stand but then would collapse and start holding their head and scream in agony as their brain is exposed and have a neck appear.

Legendary Mutants


First "boss" mutant to be added. It shoots out its tongue to attack enemies and heal. After a while, it will spit out a random mutant. It is very rare with a massive amount of health.
Mutation process: It has a medium amount of mutating time and it first looks like a boomer, until it gets more "Boomer Spheres". It also has a crazy face on it with two neon red eyes with its tongues that go around its face.
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The nest is not a direct combative Mutant. Instead, it will deploy Two-headed, Puncher, Crawler, Mind Flayer and in some rare cases: Explosive Mutant (and Stalker but almost impossible to happen). A side effect of a Nest is that on its death it mutates anyone who died from the exploder-like explosion which can create mutants exploder can do as well. It has a passive effect when if a enemy player or NPC dies near it, they will become a mutant.

Mutation process: The mutant's body will move a bit, then scream transforming instantly and smash the ground, due to the nest being so heavy. It will release mutants from its mouth.


The Stalker is a tall, slender mutant. It has the longest mutation time of all. It runs at a very high speed, which is the same speed as you have in The Maze. They are rare mutants to get with the injector. These mutants are present in Noob spawn in the Maze to eliminate campers. They will also sometimes grab players and can let teammates take out defenseless players easily.

Mutation process: The mutant will first have its neck appear then stand up with its longer legs appear. It will then fall onto the floor and scream in agony as its arms grow. Then the mutant's torso elongates (making it fart too).


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The Freak is a large mutant that is abnormally large. It has a swelled body covered in large spheres. It has a long square-like head, an arm with what looks like a club on it, and some neon red lines on its arms (maybe blood). It fires green orbs that will spawn mutant parasites. It is known as the newest mutant (Not counting Parasite) in the game currently.

It also has a shield which it will use to block some damage.

Mutation process: The player will stand up and then his Neck will grow while the head expands. Then its legs swell and become taller. And then its hand will increase in size turning it into a club. Finally, The mutant will let out a roar then make its shield appear and have its head swell. Then it will finish mutating.

Non-Ranked Mutants


The mutant parasite is a mutant that can't be seen through injecting someone. Instead, They are thrown in green orbs/eggs by the Freak. They will immediately search and find either an NPC or a player and will make screech signaling they found a victim and will proceed to lunge at them. As they lunge they spin their lower mouths and if successful, Will implode on impact infecting the victim. They will only produce Common and Rare mutants.

Mutation process: (Doesn't have one.)



Stalker Mutation NVZR

Stalker Mutation NVZR

Freak Mutation NVZR

Freak Mutation NVZR

Two-Headed Mutation NVZR

Two-Headed Mutation NVZR

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