"Tíme to feed my kids with this drug!" -- Trickler

(Caution, This Page Is A Lore Page. This Means That Certain Information May Be Speculations Or Theories.)


R-15 is a muscle booster drug that comes in the form of tablets/Pills. It's solely intended for Guest use as Noobs and Zombies are found to either immediately implode or become an insane traitor and go on a murder spree upon ingesting a tablet. But with the help of Trickler, It is now known that Mutant DNA can handle the mutation as seen with the Freak and Stalker.


R-15 was created by the Guests and was supposed to be delivered to Roblox but fell into the hands of a chaotic zombie assault group when an ambush took place during the transportation of the drug. The Chaotics later came across Trickler's maze and traded with the purple shirted zombie. Trickler, Upon seeing the R-15 container asked for it. The Chaotics chuckled for a second, before giving it to him for free, Seeing it as, ¨Guest Junk.¨ Trickler Immediately tested the drug on a noob but to his dismay, the Noob violently Imploded upon swallowing the Pill. Trickler Pondered with R-15 for several months before making the discovery that mutants can handle the effects of the drug. This led to the making of the Stalker, Freak, and the combination of mutation fluid with R-15 allowing injectors to create the previously stated mutants. Trickler hoped to create a better version of R-15 known as Rthro. But was thankfully pushed out a window before he could make it. Good Riddance.


  • The page is non-canon and only serves as a plot hole filler.
  • Idea originally came from the stalker being the only Mutant/NPC to use R-15.
  • DravenLangRawr made the Idea, But DJenderguy expanded upon it by making it a page and giving it a good description that was later improved by DravenLangRawr.
  • If you didn't already notice, this is based on the real roblox avatar option. This also goes for Rthr
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