Armed with a bullet-proof shield, they are essentially walking cover. While not a top priority, they often waste enemy ammunition, blocking bullets and protecting wounded or more valuable entities. They advance very slowly, fully stopping at some points and they dish out very little damage, even while charging. However, if you get charged and concussed by one eliminate it before more npcs arrive and kill you


  • This is your lowest priority

As Ally

  • If you see a Rioter coming out of spawn, it is best to stand behind the Rioter as protection to avoid getting gunned down or sniped at. (EX: Treacherous Mazes)

As Enemy

  • If the Rioter is near, try to go up behind him and take the Rioter down instead of wasting your ammo on his shield.
  • If you own the "Injector Gamepass", it is recommended to inject it while alive since the injector is able to pierce through the shield with no problem.
  • If you see one of them without a shield , DONT LET THEM TOUCH YOU OR THEYLL STEAL YOUR MELEE.
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