Back when the tycoon war ended, the miners were left jobless. When the new war started, the miners tried to get new jobs. However, there was no need for miners in the new war. But there was a big need for melee units, so the miners were easily able to adapt to the big and heavy swords.


As Enemy

  • Don't get too close, or you might be charged or sliced
  • Using a gun is an easy way to take out on of these guys
  • They can charge unexpectedly, so always move in a circle
  • Using melee is a risky, though resource saving technique.

As Ally

  • These unit's are expendable, minimal resources should be pooled into the first couple of waves, as cruel as it sounds there are many more to replace them.
  • Using them as a sort of shield, or distraction can keep the heat off much more valuable entities, their ability to completely one-shot anyone provides a high risk factor to the enemy, and they often over-estimate their actual combat prowess.


  • Strongest Melee unit
  • Most common melee unit
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