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The Cold Warfare map is covered in snow, with the center covered in human houses with fire and debris near them. The many corners and paths made by the houses make medic a good choice, but recon can easily see the area from the spawn's tower. There lies two caves near the spawn, Both of which that can contain a yeti. Touching the yeti will give you a badge and cause it to run out of the cave and start killing enemies. Most of the time it is better to wait and get the yeti so it does not fight the other yeti resulting in both of there deaths. There are cars on fire on the roads, so be careful not to burn.


The Cold Warfare map was originally a normal human living area. However, one day human scientists began experimenting with Freezing weapons in a secret facility. There research was met with success, but before they could deliver the results to the human army a group of noobs attacked to steal the weapons. To prevent this a scientist overloaded the cryo-reactor that powered the lab. The explosion obliterated the facility, and froze the land within 100 miles of the site. The blast destroyed all sensitive furniture in the houses and preserved everything else. The area is now heating up and zombies and noobs are trying to claim the land.

Operation: White Storm

Operation White Storm is an Invasion of normal human living area occupied by zombie and assassination of High ranking Zombie, the Operation was a success and nearly wiped out 6th Undead Brigade Army Division.T



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