The goal of the gamemode is to try to escape the Maze as a Noob, there are many dangers that lurk inside the Maze ranging from mines to stalker mutants. Dying upon entry of the Maze will result in the player becoming a Zombie for the remainder of the night. There are three preparatory days and three nights where the Noobs can attempt an escape, every morning (excluding the last), more Noobs are thrown into the Maze by the Trickler and the gates close. There are several ways you can attempt an escape ranging to and from the Raig Portal, the Heavenly Portal and even Zombie Base itself.

Many shades inhabit the maze, ranging from humanoid like shades to titans.


The Maze is what remains of an ancient Human civilization's sacred ritual ground, a group of Humans ended up retreating here in a final attempt to hide from the Noob and Zombie forces. However, before the humans could properly put in a Force-Field, the site was bombed by the Guests. The primitive structures set up by the Humans were obliterated, the Humans inside mutated into Shade-like beings, and the embodiment of Raig was formed. The Trickler stumbled across the Maze and eventually converted it into a test site at the cost of hundreds of Zombies, and he occasionally threw a few Noobs into the Maze for his own Amusement. The Red/Blue Noobs eventually managed to break into the Maze and set up an advance Outpost to draft a Takeover of the Trickler's Base of Operations.


Name Cost Type
M16 25 Primary
Uzi 15 Secondary
Sword 5 Melee
Hammer 100 Melee
Reviver 100 Gadget
Baby Firewood 5 Gadget
Torch 15 Gadget
Firewood 25 Gadget
Ultra Firewood 500 Gadget
EXCUSEWOOD 1250 Gadget


Upon escaping through the zombie HQ, players will be introduced to a cut-scene that features the survivor Noob escaping, and the Trickler's conversation with one of his accompanying Scientists about the escapade.

Upon the end of the cut-scene, players will run through the HQ at high speed and must jump across bridges and lava pits. Fighting through the Zombie Garrison, and helping their Mutated Brethren escape the Base, while the HQ behind proceeds to collapse. Eventually confronting the Trickler to stop his dastardly experiments from continuing to harm the captured Noobs.

Eventually, the Noobs win and the Trickler meets his end due to the Survivor Noobs throwing him out of a Window.

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