The Moon was created long ago from the remains of a Planet that crashed into Robloxia as the Solar System was forming. It is known to be the birthplace of the being known as "ROBLOX" and the home-world of a technologically superior species known as the "Guests".

Guest Timeline

- The being is known as "ROBLOX" is formed from a meteorite that hits the Moon.

- ROBLOX begins observing the Earth for thousands of years.

- Humans evolve from Apes

- ROBLOX decides to create the first Guests from the remnants of different meteorites that pelt the Moon and start taxing them to establish an Economy.

- The Noobs are created and the Humans start to dwindle in population terms due to low-birthrate.

- A Human scientist accidentally creates the Zombies and the Guests start work on a Shuttle capable of reaching the Earth.

-Humans are forced into holes and bunkers to remain hidden from the Zombie infection.

- Cakeo forces the Zombies into a more Humanoid form and the Guests launch their shuttle to Earth. The shuttle contained probes that scanned and photographed the terrain. Noobs who witnessed the landing dubbed the incident, "The Coswell Incident."

- A second shuttle is launched but the Zombies shot it down. As an act of retaliation, The battle cruiser known as "The White Star" is ordered to fire their OGLC (Orbital Guest Laser Cannon) At a Zombie super city. The White star begins charging its cannons.

- A third shuttle is launched and the Guests make contact with the Noobs. From here, the Noobs and the Guests exchange resources and the Noobs send 7 of their own to the moon on their own shuttle.

- The war between the Noobs and Zombies begin. Guests debate on whether staying out of the war or not.

-The White Star finishes charging its OGC and from orbit, fires the OGLC at the zombie super city. The city is completely and utterly annihilated. Leaving only a crater and a huge debris field. For more info,

- ROBLOX decides to extend the Relationship with the Noobs to a more beneficial one resulting in Guest Dispersion Troopers being dispersed throughout significant areas on Earth.

- The Chaotic Zombies rise up from the Earth, forcing the Guests to take a more active approach to the War.

- The Noob King is brought up to the Moon for further discussion with ROBLOX.


  • Based on our moon.
  • Home of the guests.
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