Keep calm and eat caik - The Robloxian Team motto



The Robloxian Team/Noobs were first created through several human experimentation's, a human's brain was removed during surgery and human scientist discovered that the human was able to survive without a functional brain. Amazed, the humans studied this brainless human and discovered many unexplained functioning traits that come without the use of a brain overtime such as increased muscle memory, unusal chemical buildup, and nonlinear thinking. The scientist categorized this brainless human as a "Noob". Overtime the noob went berserk after realizing it's constrained situation and murder hundreds of humans during it's escape. It soon was able to repopulate itself when then noob took advantage of available organisms and created armies that used stolen human technology which was significantly improved due to the pure random innovation added in each technological piece. The first noob now goes by the title of Noob King.

Modern Reputation:

The Robloxian Team are known as one of the most powerful nation on the Earth, in similar contrast to The Undead Brigade. The Noobs within the faction cooperate with themselves in sheer random language while always having a good time in battle, rather if they lose or win.

NPC List

Noob Sworder






Noob Rifler

Nafty Noob

Suicide Bomber

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