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"The White Star" is a Guest S class battle frigate. It weighs 31,917 long tons and its length is 608 ft. It currently serves as a "patrol ship", Guarding earth's outer orbit by making sure nothing gets in or out. It is, however, able to carry out medium-sized skirmishes with its arsenal of Ion weaponry, Two small drop-ships, and eight dispersal pods. It contains a powerful orbital guest cannon, capable of wiping out cities such as New Bloxus and Las Zegas.

The Making Of The Ship.

While most battles were grounded to earth, ROBLOX felt uncomfortable with leaving the planet's orbit undefended. What if the Zombie army became capable of space travel? This led to the idea of The White Star. Originally called The Ban Hammer, it was actually supposed to be a huge orbital ion turret. But after the loss of one of their main frigate's, they decided on making it a ship instead. The ship's interior and the hull was finished in less than a week. While almost all of the weaponry took at least three months to build. It was then assembled on the moon and was for the most part completed. There was just one big problem. The ship could not be powered by any fuel source they had. Not even ROBLOX himself could power it. Most guest's started to complain all of their work was for nothing. Some even started to talk about scrapping it. But ROBLOX had one more trick up his sleeve. He had developed a "Star Incubator" which had the capability to create stars. He wanted to power the newly named "The White Star" with an actual star. The plan had surprisingly worked and The White Star was launched.

Battle's The Ship Participated In.

  • Winter Peak
  • Homeland
  • Giant's Peak
  • Frostland
  • Snowy Day
  • The Destruction of Las Zegas
  • Experiment M


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