Treacherous mazes is a completely flat map with the exception of the gate-like hill in the map's center. This map Features jeeps, the power to spawn npc's, permanent armor pieces, and the ability to increase npc intelligence. The map is like paradise to snipers, since the terrain is flat and the hill gives you a complete veiw of the enemy side. Demolition should be considered, to blow up an incoming jeeps.

The Gateway in treacherous mazes is part of a attempt by the humans to make an impenetrable fortress to defend against the noobs and zombies. The rock walls originally connected to the maze, but trickler ordered a base built on the entry point so he could experiment with all the strange creatures in the maze. Further study revealed. The base was built to protect humans, but the noobs had dropped bombs using their veteran perk controllers, that turned them into beasts over time. The noobs are trying to gain control over the site now that trickler and his bio weapons have been destroyed

Treacherous Mazes is a map made By SuperEvilAzmil

In this map you can spawn units, buy armor, Make blue noobs fall from the sky, and give mercy to the Scared Noob.


  • Beware of Snipers they are very common here.
  • Bringing the Fire-Vest is very worthy due to that 80% Of the map is a open terrain and Prestiged sniped are your biggest enemies.
  • Bringing Explosive AWP or PTRS-41 is very worth it due to the Jeep.
  • If someone calls Phantom Strike On this map you are basically dead. Unless before you get the massive lag get to the corner of map or base and wait.
  • Due to the open terrain bringing Jeep is very worth it due to that players got almost no place to hide.
  • Due to how open the map is, Bring Colossal's Armor to Move in normal speed as heavy.


  • One of the biggest maps to be added
  • One of the oldest map in the game (
  • In the profile of this map you can see Tanks. But there are no tanks in game yet and it's an very old project.
  • One of the best maps for snipers.
  • First map to have buyable NPC there.
  • In this map You can buy in the base Basic Armor that does at least some protection.

You can add more TRIVIA or TIPS.

  • An Infectionists Favorite Map.
  • Good map for killstreaks.
  • Best map for getting badges -the big boom boom, end game badge, crate kill, scared noob, etc-
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