Trench Warfare is one of the original maps in Noobs vs Zombies Realish. As it name suggests, the map consists of three trenches, one in the center and two on the sides of the map. This map has a small middle ground, so the sniper towers can see the entire map. The trenches on the sides can get you to the enemies base, but its very rare people use or pay attention to them. the middle ground is covered in hills which give cover. the center trench has barbed wire around it which is not to be touched.


Trench warfare is one of the first battle fronts in the war between noobs and zombies, before the guests and chaotic zombies joined the battle.The bases still get much attention, because they help protect their tycoons and producers from attack. Several modifications have been made to the bases, but old features like the spiked coils have rusted and fallen into disrepair.

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