The veteran perk equips an item that allows you to choose 3 active supports. These supports go into your inventory to use after you get the required amount of kills. The supports can range from turrets, to airstrikes, and even nukes. The only drawback is that it takes up your 2nd gadget slot, to prevent overpowered builds. (See more in trivia)


  • Recon is good for getting instant kills without risking your life (as much).
    • Ammo may be a problem though (unless you pick ammo crate).
  • Supplier is good for extra ammo and high firepower
  • Demolition can be good for taking out jeeps.
    • This only applies on maps with jeeps
  • Your own supports can kill you
    • But some like Sentry Turret wont target you


  • Last unlocked Perk
  • Most valued perk
  • Needed for the games end badge
  • Only way to get active supports
  • The 2nd gadget slot normally holds special gadgets, such as the Injector or Turret Deployer, to prevent easy killstreaks.
  • NPC Kills do not count, only player ones.
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