The warrior is the standard assault unit for the Zombies, heavily equipped with an assault rifle and a steel helmet, these troops were built to take a beating.

In combat, they rely mostly on closing the gap, spraying at long distance to keep heads down, and the odd toss of the fragmentation grenade to supply even more pressure, after they reach optimal killing distance, they will do exactly as their training taught them, kill everything.

As an enemy

Care should be taken combatting these units. There assault rifles are much harder hitting than one would expect, as well as decent accuracy. While not a great concern, there grenades deafening effect can make you blind to enroaching enemy forces, as well as dishing heavy damage if you're especially unlucky. Shotguns or assault rifles are recommended for taking these troops down, they are not scared easily so fear is not an option. Aim center mass, as their helmets hit-box is disproportionally large. Shotguns will commonly one-shot at any range.

As an ally

These troops are much more valuable then you'd expect, being somewhat rare, in a CPU fight these will be extremely potent. They also issue a mean suppressive fire to players, and pick up the odd kill or two against wounded troops. Investing into them with defibrillators is recommended, and giving them adequate medical supplies is also recommended. Favour these troops over any other injured unit, as these are by far the most versatile.

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